Innovative use of technologies

Verification Pathways utilizes an innovative and effective approach to securing network communications, known as Constructive Key Management (CKM). The methodology utilizes a hybrid form of ‘end-to-end-encryption.’ The level of security provided is strengthened by configuring CKM in Constructed Protected Tunnels (CPT). This architecture dramatically enhances every client’s ability to predict and reduce its cyber-risk from a diverse set of attack vectors, including: a.) Social engineering; b.) Distributed denial-of-service; and c.) Man-in-the-Middle. This approach provides fidelity, accuracy and achieves efficiency at scale by-design.

Management and recovery of cryptographic key material remain entirely in the self-sovereign client’s control. Crucially, the VPI solutions help ensure its customers can meet regulatory mandates that require the management of cyber-risks in a manner that is commensurate with the “risk and complexity of its third-party relationships