Greenlist is a new, patented privacy management system for electronic payments available to banks, healthcare providers, publishers, governmental departments, and any other organization that needs to protect the privacy of their customers.

The Greenlist improves the user experience of the execution of time-sensitive asset transfers, initially payments but ultimately information assets as well. The Greenlist makes transactions like payments fast, adds a layer of security, and uses existing infrastructure.

The Greenlist is also a directory service that verifies identities and payment addresses before transactions are made. The Greenlist can be queried to provide payers a means to locate, validate, and settle the instant transfer of assets. This reduces transfer time and is accomplished without divulging the payee’s confidential information.

The Greenlist is highly flexible in the kinds of payment transactions it can protect and, as a result, the number of ways and types of organizations that can use it to protect privacy, generate income, or both.

See some of the solutions Greenlist can provide:

Solutions for Banking

Solutions for Healthcare