Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Support

What are the minimum system requirements to use the Greenlist?

Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Chrome 11.0 or higher, Firefox 3.0 or higher, Safari 4.1.2 or higher OS: Windows 7 or later, Mac OSX 10.4 or later Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768

Greenlist Overview

Why do I need Greenlist to protect my financial payment address identity?

Payment Pathways is the only company in the market that manages the banking industry’s registry of safe, public payment addresses:  Greenlist.   Greenlist enables consumers to proactively protect their financial identity and enable inbound money transfers by publicly listing a safe electronic payment address. Our vision and mission is helping you the consumer, achieve informational self-determination and protect you proactively against someone from ever being able to direct electronic payments meant for you to an electronic payment address other than your safe, public one.  Our product, Greenlist enables only your most trusted personal banker to provide for you a way reduce the number of databases that must contain your confidential banking and credit card account information.   This systemically eliminates the risk of identity theft and credit fraud, including:

  • Greenlist lets you choose a public ID that is easy to remember (such as an email address or phone number) that you can give to online merchants
  • Greenlist provides you with a public, deposit-only bank account number for all inbound payments that is linked to your private bank account, known only by you and your bank.
  • Greenlist switches all requests for authentication from payment originators request to the registrant’s bank as well as report the final status of payments to payers and payees.
  • The safety of all electronic payment transactions are guaranteed with Regulation E insurance for each participating bank.

Where is the Greenlist service available?

The Greenlist is available today on an invitation-only basis in the United States.  Soon it will be available to all users in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

What are the chances of my public payment address being stolen by an identity thief?

According to the FBI, identity theft is one of the fastest-growing U.S. crimes with over 10 million victims. Studies show that about one in five families has been a victim and someone has their identity stolen every 4 seconds in the U.S.  With Greenlist protection, a deposit only payment address cannot be stolen or otherwise used for other purposes because money would still sweep into your true bank account.  Federal Regulations prohibit banks from switching bank account address assignments without proper authorization from account owners.  Consumers trust their banks to protect their private bank account information.

What could a thief do with my Greenlist public identifiers?

Absolutely nothing.

Why don’t you need my Social Security Number?

You SHOULD NOT give out your social security number just because a vendor asks for it.  There is no legal requirement to divulge this information most of the time.  If a merchant’s database is ever hacked and your SSN# is divulged, you can quickly become the subject of identity theft. Such breaches affected one in seven Americans that have shopped online. Banks have our SSN numbers by legal right. Bankers are required by their Federal regulators to know their customers. When registering safe public payment addresses for consumers and small businesses alike in the Greenlist, banks must digitally sign all registration information and vouch for its accuracy.

How does Greenlist protect my identity?

By NEVER having your true bank account information in the first place. The Greenlist only uses your name, address, and Greenlist ID (an ID that you choose, such as your email address or phone number) to look up your deposit-only account information. Online merchants never have to be given anything other than your Greenlist ID.

How does having a Greenlist ID make it easier to receive payments?

You can give out your Greenlist ID or deposit-only account number without being concerned about losing your personal banking information because no funds can ever be debited from that account.

How can I cancel my Greenlist registration?

By informing your bank of your wish to do so.

Receiving Greenlist Payments

How will I receive my Greenlist money transfers?

That is an arrangement between you and your bank.  Normally, your Greenlist deposit-only account will receive payments which are then “swept” into your regular depository bank account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Some institutions would permit your to “sweep” your inbound funds into your brokerage, credit card accounts, etc. even if such accounts are located at other financial institutions.

How will I receive my INSTANT Greenlist money transfers?

Incoming payment transfers to a Greenlist ID that resolves to a ‘one-way’ or debit-blocked account can optionally be posted to your bank account for immediate cash withdrawal from an ATM machine.  This service level can be provided at the option of your bank-registrar.

How soon and from whom will I receive notifications of my Greenlist money transfers?

In most cases, consumers prefer an email notification, however fax and text-to-speech and SMS notifications are also offered by some institutions. Check with your bank to learn of their range of notification services.

What are the details of Greenlist’s insurance policy?

Payment Pathways supplies its bank-registrars with complete Regulation E insurance. At this time, Reg. E insurance is NOT available to registrars that serve as banks’ proxy. Examples of a bank-authorized Proxy Registrar are Telcos, ISPs and Wholesale Accounting Services firms such as ADP.

How do Greenlist’s insurance services work?

Payment Pathways will pay any monetary obligations banks must, by law, pay to consumers to compensate them for any suspected bank losses due to fraud that are discovered within sixty days. This payment to banks is immediate upon the banks’ notification to PPI.


How do I know my personal financial data will be kept secure with Greenlist?

It is insured to be kept secure. No actual bank account numbers are ever placed in the Greenlist directory. They remain secret inside your primary bank’s data center. This is as ironclad as the FDIC insurance up to $100,000 in losses that are insured by Federal Regulation by banks!

Who guarantees my financial identity will not compromised if I register a Public Payment Address in Greenlist?

Your FDIC Insured bank!  Backed by operational Reg. E. insurance from Payment Pathways, Inc.

About Payment Pathways Inc.

Who is Payment Pathways?

Payment Pathways, Inc. leases its business process design to banks. Payment Pathways, through its operational partner, Authentify, Inc., operates the root Greenlist Registry. Payment Pathways, Inc. through its supplier, Microsoft Azure Cloud services operates the Greenlist User eXperience (UX) web portal which provides payment engine, accounting and reporting functions.  This is a stateless system that relays ALL transactional requests to its member-banks.  The ONLY time this system maintains “state” is when a member bank is off-line and the central Payment Pathways Greenlist Identity Switch must “stand-in” and complete transactional requests by merchants.  This is done under operational contracts with its member banks.

Why should I trust Payment Pathways?

Our system has been developed by industry leading bankers & payment processing professionals based on original invention of a team of visionaries, including Nobel Laureate, Dr. Franco Modigliani and its Intellectual Property rights (multiple patents) have been granted in China and the U.S.A.

Why does Payment Pathways work only with banks or their proxies?

To minimize risk of fraud.  Banks go to extreme measures before they designate an outside company as an “alliance partner” or operational sub-contractor.  The PPI system is based on bank-level of institutional trust.  The Greenlist system is based on all-party agreements that establish a ‘chain of liability.’  Like all chains. its strength is only as strong as its weakest link.

How do I contact Payment Pathways directly?

Payment Pathways, Inc. 8745 W. Higgins Rd. #240 Chicago, IL 60631 +1 (312) 346-9400

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