Board of Directors

Richard Parry
President and CEO, Payment Pathways, Inc.

Richard is a career risk manager whose globe-spanning experience with international financial institutions includes Visa International, Citigroup, and JPMorgan Chase. His executive roles have included responsibility for fraud operations, fraud risk policy and oversight, customer authentication, and identity management.

Most recently, Mr. Parry formed Parry Advisory, a venture dedicated to promote clear thinking and clear articulation on a variety of risks including identity, authentication and cybersecurity. His decades of experience with financial and global enterprise IT give him an insider’s perspective on solving problems as they are experienced, rather than as they are perceived. Crucially, he eschews indignation for thoughtful analysis of cause, effect, and remedy.

Richard J. O’Brien
CTO Payment Pathways, Inc.

Rick’s career spans three decades in COMSEC and INFOSEC technology marketplaces where he established a reputation for taking ideas and creating entire new sources of revenue.  Prior to founding PPI, Rick established Peering and Financial Exchanges for the satellite, options, and trading industries for Equinix and he sold the first commercial multicast file transfer technology for global Web caching and simultaneous database updates across various security enclaves in the DoD, Intel and Satellite industries.

Mr. O’Brien’s early work introduced the first Spread Spectrum dial-up modem technology, the first Windows desktop video teleconferencing software, the first fax server software, and one of the earliest commercial deployments of DES and associated key management technology to the Federal Reserve System. Rick also wrote the specification, sold, and managed the implementation of the first DES-based security processor to automate ACH payments in production control systems which enabled an ACH dial-access capability for GM’s on-demand “just-in-time” payments to its manufacturing supply chain. The use of daily financial incentives to reward and penalize supplier behavior delivered ROI through streamlined costs and reallocated floorspace with ‘pipeline warehousing’ of robotically delivered parts to assembly lines.

Peter T. Ferris
SVP – Equinix, Office of the CEO

Pete serves in the Office of the CEO at Equinix in the role of Chief Evangelist. Peter has held several senior-level positions with Equinix since July 1999 and was appointed Sr. Vice President of Global Partner Programs and Strategic Customer Development in 2013. From 2010 to 2013, he served as Chief Sales Officer. From 2007 until 2010, Mr. Ferris served as President, Equinix U.S. where he was responsible for strategy and growth of the company’s operations throughout the region. Prior to that, he served as the Vice President of Sales for Equinix.

Mr. Ferris has more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Prior to Equinix, he held senior management positions at Frontier Global Center, Genuity and MFS Datanet.

David J. Farber
Carnegie Mellon University

Dave is a Professor of Computer Science and Public Policy in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and in the Heinz School of Public Policy. Dave served on the US Presidential Advisory Board on Information Technology and in 2000, was appointed to the Chief Technologist post at the US Federal Communications Commission where he served during 2000-2001. He helped conceive and organize CSNet, NSFNet and the NREN. Dave brought often-disparate groups into harmony, leading to sweeping changes across the infrastructure landscape and beyond.

Professor Farber is an IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow, and recipient of the 1995 SIGCOMM Award for lifelong contributions to computer communications. He has served on the board of directors of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Electronic Privacy Information Center advisory board, the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society, and as a member of the Presidential Advisory Committee on High Performance Computing and Communications, Information Technology and Next Generation Internet.

Glenn C. Ault
CEO – BANCServices Group, Inc.

Glenn is the founder, President and CEO of The BANCServices Group, Inc. Since 1996, Glenn and his team at BGI have provided products, services, and programs designed to help financial institutions increase fee income, expand market share, enhance customer relations, improve profitability and reduce risk. Banks and credit unions of any size can access BANCwire and, with virtually no capital investment, participate profitably in the growing market for international transfers and payments.

The BANCwire global network currently includes hundreds of locations in 91 countries and BANCServices employees are actively building relationships that will rapidly increase its global presence.

Thomas Hammond
Builder and operator of clearing and settlement systems… 

Tom built and operated the Clearing and Settlement operations division of InterContinental Exchange. Earlier, Tom was the Managing Director of Trading Operations at the Chicago Board of Trade (later the CME Group) and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating officer of the Board of Trade Clearing Corporation. At CBOT-CC he pioneered and managed the development and implementation of integrated over-the-counter and clearing systems while expanding clearing services and functionality for regulated futures contract markets.

Mr. Hammond serves on the Board of Directors for the Financial Services Division and the Chicago Operations Division of the Futures Industry Association and he is an active participant on the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank’s Working Group on Financial markets. Tom’s professional concentrations:

  • Clearing Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Clearing Strategy and Product development