Company’s purpose

Verification Pathways focus: VPI’s clients recognize that they have an excellent opportunity to thrive and grow their business in marketplaces that need innovative products to keep business moving with a paperless process, fast approvals, and same-day financing. They also have material challenges in an environment characterized by rapidly changing technology, a complex and threatening cybersecurity landscape, and growing competition in an evolving payments ecosystem. VPI understands those challenges and has developed a solution designed to help its clients consistently deliver revolutionary consumer financing products while limiting risk. VPI combines innovative crypto technologies with effective identity validation solutions to provide a rapid, cost-efficient solution that can scale to the needs of modern Platform-as-a-Service providers and their customers.

Payment Pathways, Inc. history:  PPI developed a Platform-as-a-Service for privacy management and identity attribute verifications for money and information transfers for use by the banks.

The Greenlist® branded trust verification registry made epayments safe and secure without requiring disclosure of any actual account or bankcard information whatsoever. Participating banks could increase non-interest income by migrating certain payments to electronics with payments privacy, service profitability, and identity protection.

Greenlist has since evolved to provide the user with more than merely a way to locate the virtual listing for payment addresses just as a “white pages” find phone numbers and physical addresses. Rather than having a Greenlist entry publicly expose the bare minimum of information: the payment addresses that can only receive deposits to bank accounts, the Greenlist can now expose verifiable attribute bindings of any kind. And Greenlist registries supply verification as an omniscient audit entry to qualifying entities as determined by attribute-based or rule-based access control filters.  Consumers’ real bank account numbers never have to be divulged to merchants or payment processor networks. There is nothing like this in the trust verification space. Until now, a Relying Party would have to track down a Counterparty’s account, obtain routing numbers and reveal their own payment and account information. Passing that information back and forth is a risk many consumers and businesses recognize and choose to avoid.

Greenlist network obscuring and data access protection methodologies supply the highest levels of verifiable accuracy and availability in identity attributes and credentials.

Payment Pathways was founded on guiding principles and intellectual insight developed by Dr. Franco Modigliani (1918-2003), the twenty-third economist to win the Nobel Prize for Economics. Verification Pathways overcomes all obstacles to PPI’s earliest endeavors in the marketplace. Justifying implementations of ANSI X9 and ISO vetted crypto technology (and more) to the commercial marketplace is our present focus.


The company’s management team has worked in the electronic banking, payments, and network industries since the late 1970s.

Board of Directors

PPI’s board includes pioneering executives in the transition to networked business and ecommerce.


Four patents have been awarded by the U.S.  One patent has been awarded by China. Four more patents are still pending in the U.S., India and China.

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